Smell Gas? Act Fast! It's best to be safe!
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Gas: Clean. Efficient. Nontoxic. And naturally odorless.* All-in-all, it’s one of
the safest, most environmentally friendly
fossil fuels in use today.

Our friend, Sniffy, knows a lot about natural gas and propane. On this Web site, he has provided information to help you learn more about gas safety.

Speaking of safety: Smell Gas? Act Fast! is Sniffy’s way of reminding you that if the smell of gas is in the air, whether a little or a lot, don’t delay—get away!

* That's right, gas, in its natural form, has no odor! The distinctive smell you recognize is actually added by the gas company to help you detect gas leaking into the air. Sometimes you can see or hear a gas leak too! Click here to find out how.

For more information on safety and education efforts conducted throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, visit the State Corporation Commission's damage prevention Web site.

Smell Gas? Act Fast! To learn how to contact you r gas company, click here.
Sniffy the Skunk
Washington Gas Call Miss Utility @ 811

Dig with CARE. Keep Virginia Safe!

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